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Easiest if used on a mobile platform.

KUE is meant to better connect individuals. Friends, family, co—workers, KUE is here to simplify how we as people plan with one another.

KUE is an idea I had when trying to organize a group project and it was so hard to get everyone on the same schedule. Flipping back and forth between different chatting and planning software got to be very tedious. Why not make it simpler?

What Is It?

The overall goal of this app is to use social media to better improve interpersonal social interaction while keeping everything neat and tidy!

KUE is here to help you keep it simple with all your complex relationships!

Why Is It?

It is for you to decide who your connections are with and what they mean to you. There are public and private settings for your planners where you can set dates, plans, and send out invites to whomever you choose and also limit who can see these just the same. From a personal meeting to something in the workplace KUE allows these different facets of your life to be organized in a seamless manner while still allowing you to keep them separate. 

The Plan...ner

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